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  1. Procurement Services

    The Fencing Store (TFS) has built up an extremely valuable set of resources and skills to be able to find specific products and manage the entire supply chain process to get the right product delivered to our customers. Increasingly new customers are asking TFS to see how we can get them the exact product they want, to the specifications they want and at very competitive prices either on an ongoing basis or for a specific project. Earlier in 2012, we worked with a major contractor to acquire all the materials needed for 4km of "koala" fencing all complying with the Qld Main Roads demanding specifications. They saved over 40% compared to buying the same specification materials from local suppliers.

    In brief, TFS's China based employees found the right supplier after visiting their factories and deeply understanding their capabilities, quality assurance processes etc. We negotiated the prices and production terms, then spent time in each factory during the production - physically checking specific product attributes for compliance, getting test reports etc before being on site when the products were packed into containers for shipment.

    Within reason TFS can replicate this specialist procurement process for a wide range of products and customer requirements. Give us a call to discuss how we can save you a lot of $ for your project requirements.

    Ph: 1300 530 306

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  2. Fixing mesh for snake proof fences

    Fixing Mesh for Snake-Proof Fences

    How to fix snake mesh to an existing fence line and create a snake proof barrier ...

    (from left to right) ...

    • Use a concrete strip under the gate with mesh touching the ground and outsides of the gate / fence to stop snakes gaining entry
    • Use hog ring (sometimes referred to as MASPRO) wire clips to attach mesh to an existing wire fencing material
    • Use galvanised steel tent pegs to hold the mesh firmly on the ground and stop snakes from being able to get under the mesh
    • Going around a corner - cut extra mesh to cover the section and provide a continuous mesh cover on the ground
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  3. Methods for fixing welded wire mesh

    There are a number of different methods and materials available to fix your mesh products to posts or other structural components. Knowing what you can use will help you make the right choice based on your project.

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  4. Zinc & birds

    We are occasionally asked about the effects of the zinc coating used on all sorts of steel products including welded wire mesh and their effects on birds and animals. There are various ways in which zinc (galvanising) is applied to steel products to prevent rusting. The most common and most effective form of galvanising is by the "hot dip" process, which immerses the steel product in molten zinc - this deposits a thick coating of zinc and is far more effective than electro-galvanising which always produces a thinner and brighter coating. The thicker the zinc coating, the longer the product will last in any environment compared to electro galvanising (also called electro plating).

    Excessive zinc ingestion or consumption is not good for any animal, bird or human for that matter. So here are a few tips on how to manage your galvanised product where you want to. The following is in the context of keeping birds within an enclosure using a galvanised mesh product.

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  5. Building a snake proof fence

    Building a snake proof fence

    12th December 2012 By Mel & Steve - Adelaide

    A customer north of Adelaide has used our 6.5mm galvanised mesh to snake proof their dog enclosure to protect their prize Bull Mastiffs from venomous snakes. Their existing fencing mesh kept the dogs in but allowed snakes and other vermin to move into the dog area. The 1200mm wide 6.5mm mesh was placed 900mm up the fence height and then 300mm flat on the ground as shown in these pictures. It works superbly and the proud mastiff owner reports that since erecting the new snake barrier, no snakes have made their way into the dog run but they are still seeing snakes on the outside.

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  6. Cat Enclosures

    Cat Enclosures

    An increasing number of local councils are requiring cat owners to constrain their pets to the owners property boundaries in a growing recognition that cats take a heavy toll on native wildlife - birds, small animals and reptiles. Cats are obviously a natural hunter so they are just following their instincts. Erecting a suitable enclosure presents its own issues of what materials to use to get the strength and durability of the enclosure without creating an eyesore or impeding natural property views. Welded wire meshes in a black PVC finish answers all these requirements as seen in this example ...

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