Case Studies

  1. PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh - Pool Fencing

    PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh - Pool Fencing

    Our black PVC coated wedled wire mesh roll product is frequently used in pool fencing applications. Various states use the same national standard although interpretation of the rules can vary from state to state. The advantange of the black PVC is that is tends to "disappear" into the background and is not intrusive visually. Its is a very cost effective means of fencing off larger fence areas.

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  2. Safety Handrail

    Safety Handrail

    With increasingly demanding workplace safety requirements, providing safety handrails around an elevated air conditioning platform on a roof top provides a great example of how versatile and useful the modular clamp system is. In this classic installation, all the materials were prepared in the workshop and taken to site.

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  3. Bat Enclosure

    Bat Enclosure

    Imagine being the carers of injured and orphaned bats and you need a strudy, large and safe enclosure that houses the mamals while they recover before being released into the wild again. These very resourceful bat carers (refering to themslves as batzilla and bat lady) on the southern side of Brisbane decided to build what has turned out to be one of the very best examples of a bat enclosure seen around.

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  4. Procurement Project - Case Study

    Procurement Project - Case Study

    The Fencing Store has been sourcing an increasing range of products from overseas suppliers for over 5 years – we’ve built up a lot of experience and expertise in the entire process of getting the right product into our customers’ premises. As well as supplying individual user orders, we have grown our trade customer base as shown by the following example of applying our skills to their bulk order requirements.

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  5. Building a Fox Proof Chicken Enclosure

    Building a Fox Proof Chicken Enclosure

    The challenge  ….

    To construct a fox proof chicken enclosure after the predator fox had enjoyed itself on our favourite chickens. The fox was cunning enough to work out how to get under a chain wire fence and through a hinge joint type dog fence.

    The Design ….

    We decided to use a PVC coated heavy duty wire netting that could be buried below ground to stop the fox from digging under the fence line ....

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  6. Bird & Animal Enclosures - black PVC coated mesh

    Bird & Animal Enclosures - black PVC coated mesh

    Black PVC coated welded wire meshes are now being widely used for bird and animal enclosures because they give a superior view of the enclosure residents compared to plain galvanised mesh. Our regular customer - Wyong Sheds from Tuggerah NSW has been using our black PVC meshes for sometime now - the pics below are great examples of their work and how they have created excellent homes for their customers.

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  7. North Queensland Fish Farm

    North Queensland Fish Farm

    We have been supplying our welded wire mesh products to a North Queensland aquaculture customer since August 2012. They had been using other mesh materials to house their juvenile barramundi from 20 gms through to 800gm in size - previous materials had fallen victim to various predators (the local rodent population in particular) resulting in repairs, loss of fish etc. TFS supplies a special 2 metre wide heavy hot dip galvanised welded wire mesh in 15m long rolls - this product is a custom produced item.

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  8. Garden bed protection

    Garden bed protection

    Many of us are venturing enthusiastically into growing our own vegies and other garden plants. We invest wisely into modular garden beds and wait expectantly for our crops to bear their goodies only to find other unwanted thieves are helping themselves to our delights. Birds, rats, mice and other small animals also love our vegies so the challenge is to keep them out long enough for us to enjoy our crops.

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  9. Debris Barriers

    Debris Barriers

    An issue facing many commercial building owners and managers is how stop prevent debris entering or falling down through glassed windows in the event that the glass shatters for whatever reason. This was the case at the Queensland Rail Museum in Ipswich, SW of Brisbane. The old and very attractive former railway workshops building has a large area of glass along the "saw tooth" ridges along the roof line. To prevent the prospect of any shattered glass falling down onto museum visitors a mesh barrier was created using welded wire mesh.

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  10. Building a snake proof fence

    Building a snake proof fence

    12th December 2012 By Mel & Steve - Adelaide

    A customer north of Adelaide has used our 6.5mm galvanised mesh to snake proof their dog enclosure to protect their prize Bull Mastiffs from venomous snakes. Their existing fencing mesh kept the dogs in but allowed snakes and other vermin to move into the dog area. The 1200mm wide 6.5mm mesh was placed 900mm up the fence height and then 300mm flat on the ground as shown in these pictures. It works superbly and the proud mastiff owner reports that since erecting the new snake barrier, no snakes have made their way into the dog run but they are still seeing snakes on the outside.

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