Procurement Project - Case Study

The Fencing Store has been sourcing an increasing range of products from overseas suppliers for over 5 years – we’ve built up a lot of experience and expertise in the entire process of getting the right product into our customers’ premises. As well as supplying individual user orders, we have grown our trade customer base as shown by the following example of applying our skills to their bulk order requirements.

 Our customer is a major user of colour steel fencing products – roll formed painted steel which is transformed from large coils into profiled panels, rails and posts. Their requirements have been sourced from various Australian suppliers of in finished, ready to install products made from both locally produced and imported product – the opportunity to reduce their costs and gain more control over their requirements stimulated the shift to buying the painted coil and roll forming it in their own facilities.

Expertise & resources applied …

  • Knowledge of potential suppliers in China and Taiwan;
  • Contacts in Australia to verify potential suppliers;
  • On ground personnel in China to visit potential suppliers and conduct background checks;
  • Order management processes – negotiation of prices & terms, quality assurance, logistics management;
  • Customer management – communication – content, clarity, updates, forward planning (inventory management).

 Download the full case study report