Procurement Services

The Fencing Store (TFS) has built up an extremely valuable set of resources and skills to be able to find specific products and manage the entire supply chain process to get the right product delivered to our customers. Increasingly new customers are asking TFS to see how we can get them the exact product they want, to the specifications they want and at very competitive prices either on an ongoing basis or for a specific project. Earlier in 2012, we worked with a major contractor to acquire all the materials needed for 4km of "koala" fencing all complying with the Qld Main Roads demanding specifications. They saved over 40% compared to buying the same specification materials from local suppliers.

In brief, TFS's China based employees found the right supplier after visiting their factories and deeply understanding their capabilities, quality assurance processes etc. We negotiated the prices and production terms, then spent time in each factory during the production - physically checking specific product attributes for compliance, getting test reports etc before being on site when the products were packed into containers for shipment.

Within reason TFS can replicate this specialist procurement process for a wide range of products and customer requirements. Give us a call to discuss how we can save you a lot of $ for your project requirements.

Ph: 1300 530 306